Schmale Durate

Merttex is representative of Schmale Durate machines in Turkey since 1995.

The Schmale group of companies is engaged in the development, production and distribution of industrial manufacturing machines for all types of home textiles. SCHMALEDURATE systems are applied wherever fabric webs need to be transformed into marketable end products such as, for example, towels, bed or table linen, dishtowels etc. This is particularly the case if top quality is as much of a concern as productivity is.

Our product range focuses on fully and semi-automatic installations for cutting, sewing and folding. The range is completed by other machines and components which are associated with the manufacturing process, such as transport systems, cover reversing stations, automatic winders and much more. Our philosophy as a solution provider is meanwhile underscored by an extensive range of services, ranging from consultation in finding a suitable production concept via start-up, training and hands-on support up to modernization.

You can find more information about Schmale Durate from here.